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Mass Production

Deputy Technical Director for Research and New Developments:

Alexey G. Ivanov
phone: (3822) 63-39-54
fax: (3822) 63-39-63 


Deputy Technical Director for Marketing and Sales:

Tamara A. Karnaukhova
phone: (3822) 99-90-11, extension 220
fax: (3822) 63-41-75


Head of Drives and Electrics Department:

Vladimir I. Zamulin
phone: (3822) 99-90-41, extension 310
fax: (3822) 63-38-41


Head of IT and Measuring Systems Department:

Konstanine N. Khopersky
phone: (3822) 99-96-94, extension 315
fax: (3822) 63-38-41

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