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About Company
           Research and Production
           Licenses and Certificates
                   Certificates and Permits
           Partners and Customers
                   SME TEC_Ural
                   ТОО "SMETEC"
Products and Solutions
           Mass Production
                   Electric Drives
                           RemTEK-01 Electric Drive
                           RemTEK-02 Electric Drive
                           RemTEK-03 Electric Drive
                           Electric Motors
                           Remote Control Panels
                   Packaged Electrics
                           NKU 01 Low Voltage Packaged Unit
                           NKU 03 Low Voltage Packaged Unit
                           Subsystem for Power Control (SSU)
                           Auxiliary Equipment Cabinet (SVA)
                           BUZ-03M Unit for Motor Control and Protection
                           ASTEK-02 Soft starter
                           BP-24/3 Power Supply
                           IP-15 Power Supply
                           IP-20 Power Supply
                           BPE Solenoid Power Supply
                           RMS-03 Power Controller
                           BZS-03 Circuit Protection Unit
                           FV Input Filters
                           ELTEK Multi Functional Device for Power Control
                           TestTEK Mobile Test Bench for Electric Drives
                           Bench Testers
                   Communication Units
                   MicroTEK Computing Units
                           IVK MicroTEK-01,
                           IVK MicroTEK-09
                           IVK MicroTEK-11
                           Examples of IVK MicroTEK Application
                   GSM Gas Detectors
                           GSM-03 Gas Detector
                           GSM-05 Gas Detector
                           Controlled Gases
                           Order Sheet
                           Previous Supplies
                   Control cabinet of batching tank SA-259
                   Weight Metering and Batching Equipment
                           Hopper Scales
                           Load Cell
                   Equipment of continuous handling lines
                           Belt Conveyors
                           SICON Conveyor System
                           Nonstandard Equipment
                   Control Devices for Metering and Batching Equipment
                   Accessories for Electric Equipment
           Integrated Systems for Metering and Recording, Packaged Equipment
                   Oil Metering Systems
                           Filtering System
                           Block of Metering Lines
                           Block for Quality Parameters Metering
                           Calibration Unit
                   Gas Metering Systems
                   Water Metering Skids
                   Systems of Routine Metering for Various Flows and Power Resources
                           Automated Information Systems of Routine Metering for Fluid, Gaseous and Bulk Materials and Power Resources
                           Automated Control Systems for Power Supply
                   Auxiliary Equipment and Software for Integrated Metering Systems
                   Pumping Stations
                   TOM Automated Gas Distribution Stations
                   Gas preparation, reduction and distribution units
                   Inlet Line Blocks
                   Administration and electro-technical facilities
                   Integrated Services
                   Check Lists
           Integrated Design
                   Oilfield Construction
                   Pipeline Systems for Oil and Gas Transportation
                   Associated Gas Disposal
           Integrated Automation for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Branches of Industry
                   Integrated Automation for Oil and Gas Production
                           Automated Control System for Training Center
                   Integrated Automation for Petrochemical Facilities
                           Monomer Production
                           Polypropylene Production
                           Methanol Production and FiKS Plant
                   Design of Automation Systems
                   Production and Supply of Packaged Automation Systems
                   Assembly and Commissioning
                   Guarantee Service and Maintenance
                   Basic Automation Tools
                   Integrated Solutions and Projects
           Robotic Complexes and Process Lines
                   Implemented Projects
                           Rail Wheels Final Inspection Line (FIL-1)
                           Rail Wheels Final Inspection Line (FIL-2)
                           Resupply of Railroad Wheels Final Inspection Lines FIL-1 and FIL-2
                           Robotic Complex for Wheels and Tires Thermal Processing
                           Railroad Inspection Line for High-Speed Trains for MAANSHAN IRON & STEEL COMPANY LIMITED
                           Rail Differential Heat Treatment by Means of Air According to TEC Technology
                   Available Solutions and Projects in Progress
                           Automated Metal Tracking System
                           Heat Treatment Line with Barbotage Function
                           Railroad Treatment and Inspection Line for Tangshan Wenfeng Shanchuan Train Wheel Co., LTD
                           Railroad Wheels Treatment and Final Inspection Line for Taiuan
                           Heat Treatment Line for Railroad Casting
                           Rail Chair Production Line
                           Transportation Equipment for Railroad Casting Normalizing
                           Ingot Molding and Packaging Line
                   Process Equipment and Units
                           Transfer Conveyors
                           Process Units
                   List of Units and Components
                           Units and Components
                   Non-Destructive Testing Equipment
           Lines for Materials Batching and Supply
                   Design Solutions for Various Purposes
                           Storage Facilities
                           Batching Lines and Units
                           Charge Material Transportation and Supply Systems
                           Weighing Systems
                   Process Automation
                   Implemented Projects
                           Ferroalloy Production
                           Blast Oxygen Production
                           Blast Furnace Production
                           Fire Resistant Production
                   Process Equipment and Control Systems
           Power Units
                   Power Equipment
           Systems for Traffic Control and Production Records
                   Components of System for Traffic Control and Production Records
                           System Functions
                           Infrastructure of Radio Communication
                           Mobile Radio Terminals
                           Facilities and Machineries
                   Components of System for Traffic Control and Operation Hours Recording
                           System Functions
                           Infrastructure of Radio Communication
                           Mobile Radio Terminals
                           Facilities and Machineries
                           Manager Automated Desk
                           Automated Desks for Various Specialists
                           Automated Desk for Dispatchers
                           Database Server
                           WEB/WAP Server
                           Onboard Equipment
                           Mining Dump Truck Onboard Equipment
                           Dump Truck Onboard Equipment
                           Excavator Onboard Equipment
                           Bulldozer Onboard Equipment
                           Onboard Equipment for Lifting Truck
                           Locomotive Onboard Eq
                           Onboard Equipment for Fuel Transporter
                           Board Equipment for Petrol Stations
                           Board Equipment for Weighing Station
                   Services Provided
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Technical Support
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