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Control Devices for Metering and Batching Equipment

BV-02 Weighing Module

BV-02 weighing module is aimed for discontinuous batching and static weighing within truck, railroad and platform scales.

Operation Features

  • Generating highly stable alternating supply voltage for two metering channel, each of them can include from 1 to 4 strain sensors
  • Signal smoothing (filtration)  of each channel within ranges to be setup
  • Setting up function of digital inputs/outputs (zero, tare, weighing, operation, weight change)
  • Selecting active input/output levels
  • Displaying state and operation of CAN,  RS-232 interfaces and state of discrete outputs

Examples of BV-02 Application

Basic Features

 Relative error in weight metering out of the maximum weighing limit (NPV), %


 Power supply from direct current source, V

 from 18 to 36

 Power demand, W

up to 10

 Ambient temperature, ºС

 from -40 to +50

 Class of dust and moisture protection


BV-02 Performs the Following Functions as per In-Built Algorithm:

  • Receiving signal from each metering channel and its conversion by 24-bit AD converter
  • Signal linearization for each metering channel
  • Zero setting and scales tare offset
  • Automatic calibration
  • Calibration of signal for each metering channel
  • Metering weight independent for each channel
  • Transfer of processed data from strain sensor, digital inputs and outputs to the upper level device through CAN interface by Modbus protocol


BV-02 is designed in OKW casing of RAILTEK serial # B6505115.

BV-02 unit is provided with

- two independent galvanically isolated weight metering channels
- four galvanically isolated discrete inputs (two for each channel)
- four galvanically isolated digital outputs (two for each channel)

Dimensions of unit BV-02: 157mm х 86mm х 58.5mm (width, height, depth)
Weight of BV-02 unit without package: 0.3 kg

Operation Limits


Acceptable value




General Features 

 Ambient temperature, °С




 Air pressure, kPa




 Relative humidity, %




Parameters of Digital Inputs 

 Low-level voltage, V




         - logical one level, V




Parameters of Digital Outputs

 Incoming AC voltage, V




 Commutated direct / alternating current, A




 Parameters of Analogue Strain Metering Channel

 Number of metering channels, ea




 Load resistance (from 1 to 4 sensors connected in parallel), Ohm




      - input voltage, V




Parameters of Output Analogue Signal 

 Output amperage, mA




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