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Control Devices for Metering and Batching Equipment

TenzoTEK-03 Metering Converter

TenzoTEK-03 metering converter is aimed for static weighing within truck, railway, platform, hopper scales as well as batching for various companies: metallurgy, mining, fuel and power, chemical etc. as a part of automated control systems (PCS) within flow metering systems.

Operation Features

  • Indicating zero weighing on 6-digit seven segment display
  • Indicating gross weight, net weight and tare
  • Zero weight alignment
  • Expanded temperature ranges
  • Storing and displaying outcomes of several weighing sessions
  • Monitoring the sensor regarding of power loss / short circuit, overcurrent of one parallel connected sensor (number of sensors is setup by the operator)

Basic Features

 Relative error in weight metering out of the maximum weighing limit (NPV), %


 Supply voltage of alternate current with frequency 50±0.5, V  

 from 187 to 242

 Maximum power demand, W


 Ambient temperature, ºС

 from -40 to +50

 Class of dust and moisture protection


TenzoTEK-03 Performs the Following Functions as per In-Built Algorithm:

  • Unit indication: ">0<",  "gross weight", "net weight", "stabilization mode", weight metering units "kg/t", exceeding weight limit "excessive weight"
  • Conversion of analogue signal from strain measuring bridge into current weight value
  • Measuring channel calibration
  • Measuring channel linearization
  • Filtering signal from measuring channel within setup ranges
  • Measuring current weight
  • Zero setting and scales tare offset
  • Exchanging data with the upper level computer through RS-485,   RS-232 interfaces, protocol Modbus RTU
  • keeping archive data up to 100 last measurement sessions on measuring results, giving number number, date and time of weight measurement


TenzoTEK-03 is designed as a stationary unit in plastic casing and it consists of the following modules:

- metering module, aimed for metering the signals from the sensor, processing it and transferring weight data to the upper level computer
- display and keyboard, aimed to display weight data, emergency, selection and setup of parameters
- connection module aimed to connect the sensor, power supply and the upper level computer

Versions of TenzoTEK-03:

- TenzoTEK-03-I  - complete version
- TenzoTEK-03-R - with no display and keyboard, operation only through RS-232/485 interface

Dimensions: 235mm×160mm×72mm (length, width, height)
Weight of TenzoTEK-03 without package: does not exceed 4 kg

Operation Limits


Acceptable value




General Features 

 Ambient temperature, °С




 Air pressure,  kPa




 Relative humidity, %




Parameters of Analogue Strain Metering Channel 

 Number of metering channels. pieces




 Load resistance (from 1 to 4 sensors connected in parallel), Ohm 




 Incoming AC voltage, V




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