Onboard Equipment

Onboard Navigation Controller BNK-01
Onboard navigation controller is aimed to be installed to process equipment within automated traffic control systems. 
It performs the following basic funstions:
  • Identification of current location and speed according to GSP/GLONASS signals
  • Data collection from various sensors
  • Processing, storage and signalling about technical parameter state
  • Identification of drivers (operators)
  • Data transfer through radio communication channels to database server
  • Provision of voice communication with a dispatcher
  • Process equipment diagnostics and self diagnostics
  • Configuring applied software

Technical Parameters

 Positioning error, m. not more


 Number of digital inputs 24V, pc


 Number of digital outputs 24V, pc


 Communication interfaces

CAN, RS-232, USB

 Power demand, W, not more


 Supply voltage, V


 Operation temperature ranges, ºС

from -40 to +70

 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm