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Onboard Equipment

Operator Panel BPO-01
Operator panel BPO-01 is aimed to be used as BNK external terminal for excavators, weighing units, petrol stations within automated traffic control systems.
It performs the following basic functions:
  • Data input/output
  • Displaying graphic and text data
  • Touch Screen interface support (operational keys)
  • AUDIO interface support
  • Adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Sound adjustment

Technical Parameters

 Screen size

8'' (16:9)

 Supported resolutions

640x480 ...1600x1024

 Viewing angle

Vertical >110º
Horizontal >120º

 Communication interfaces


 Power demand, W, not more


 Supply voltage, V


 Operation temperature ranges, ºС

from -20 to +70

 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm


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