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Onboard Equipment

Input/Output Unit BVV-01
Input/output unit BVV-01 is aimed to be used for dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, lift trucks, fuel transporters and locomotives within automated systems for traffic control.
It performs the following basic functions:
  • Receipt of digital signals from sensors
  • Receipt of signals from sensors through RS 232 interface
  • Transfer of digital signals to actuating elements
  • Identification of 2 angles of slope
  • Transfer and receipt of the above mentioned signals through CAN networks
  • Indication of state for input and output signals and interfaces

Technical Parameters

 Ranges for angle measuring

+/- 90

 Ranges for angle measuring


 Number of digital inputs 24V, pc


 Number of digital outputs 24V, pc


 Communication interfaces

CAN, RS-232

 Power demand, W, not more


 Supply voltage, V



IP 65

 Operation temperature ranges, ºС

from -40 to +70

 Dimensions (width x depth x height), mm

220 х 90 х 120

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