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SME TEC Ltd is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in the supply of wide range of integrated metering systems and package process equipment for oil-and-gas field construction.

Products of the company is individually developed with account of operating conditions, Customer's requirements and regulating documents. High quality corresponding to worldwide standards is achieved due to using modern production technologies, long experience and high qualification of specialists of the company. SME TEC has international certificate ISO 9001:2008.

Manufacturing of the products is performed at its own production plant.

SME TEC renders the whole range of services from designing, manufacturing, construction, installation and setup to warranty and post-warranty maintenance due to extensive engineering capabilities.

Tomsk Electronic Company possesses SRO certificates of permit to construction and installation and design work at extra hazardous, highly technical and unique capital construction projects.

Integrated Systems for Metering and Recording

- Commercial oil metering systems (SIKN)
- Crude oil metering systems (SIKNS)
- Oil products metering system
- Metering units for natural and associated gas (UUG, SIKG, GIS)
- Metering units for stripped gas, gas condensates and LPG
- Water metering Skids (UUV)
- Metering units for material flows
- Mobile calibration units (PPU)

Pumping Stations

- Package station for water pumping
- Package station for oil pumping
- Firefighting pump stations
- Package stations for LPG pumping

Equipment for oil, gas and water treatment

- Automated gas distribution stations (AGRS)
- Units for gas treatment, reduction and distribution

Equipment for formation pressure maintenance

- Package pad pump stations (BKNS)
- Inlet line blocks (BVN)
- Manifolds

Administration and electro-technical facilities

- Block-boxes for electro-technical equipment
- Block-boxes for shift personnel heating
- Block-modular control rooms



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