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GSM Gas Detectors


GSM gas detectors are aimed for constant control in order to detect explosive concentrations of flammable gases, vaporized fluids and their mixtures of IIА, IIВ, IIС catogories within Т1, Т2, Т3, Т4 groups in hazardous areas and premises of all classes, outside units and open areas by means of thermal chemical technique with ambient temperature from -60 to +50°С.

GSM gas detectors are used at oil and gas facilities including main pipelines as well as chemical, petrochemical, oil refinery and other branches of industry. GSM gas detectors are aimed to control air of industrial facilities during oil and gas production and treatment, as well as chemical, metallurgy industries, warehouses for fuel and other toxic and flammable fluids and gases.

GSM gas detectors have a long service life for thermal catalytic sensor - up to 2 years and more - due to control of power supply to the sensor when Limit 2 of gas concentration is overcome.

All gas detectors are primarily calibrated and supplied as a package with sensors.

GSM-03 is modular system, covering up to 20 control points simalteneously. GSM-03 significanlty simplifies building up of gas control system, significatly decreases cable costs, can be easily integrated into ESD or PCS.


GSM-05 is a sinlge channel control system with digital displaying of current gas content and limits 1, 2 on the front panel, also it is provided with in-built keyborad for setup, checkup and calibration. GSM-05 is convient for building up local systems for gas control at the facilities where no developed PCS and the routine displaying of controlled parameters are required.


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