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GSM-05 Gas Detector

Purpose and Field of Application

GSM-05 is aimed to be used in hazardous industrial facilities as a device measuring explosive concentration of gases and their mixtures.

GSM-05 is aimed for constant control in order to detect explosive concentrations of flammable gases, vaporized fluids and their mixtures of IIА, IIВ, IIС categories within Т1, Т2, Т3, Т4 groups in hazardous areas and premises of all classes, outside units and open areas by means of thermal chemical technique with ambient temperature from -60 to +50°С.

Applied thermal catalytic sensors detect a wide range of explosive gases and vapours. There are two modifications of alarm sensors: with diffusive or forced feeding of the controlled medium. Sensors are explosion proof with 1ExdllCT4 marking.



  • point control over gas content at the distance up to 1000 meters (resistance of each strand is not more than 10 Ohm) 
  • light alarm when reaching ultimate concentrations from 0 to 100 % of lower flammability level
  • formation of alarm limits – Limit 1, Limit 2, their values are set up by software
  • feeding sensor is switched off when the gas ultimate concentration is reached in order to avoid failure (extension of the sensor service life)
  • forwarding analogue signal (4-20 mA) proportional to gas content and information through RS-485 interface and Modbus RTU protocol
  • availability of in-built and exterior calibration and checkup tools, providing user friendliness when installing to the facility



GSM-05 is an automatic device consisting of an alarm module (BS) and detecting module (BD). BS is not explosion proof and to be installed outside hazardous area. BD is used in hazardous areas of all classes in compliance with 1ExdllCT4 explosion protection marking.

Design type BD:

- Detecting unit (BD), from 0 to 50% low flammability level
- Explosion proof detecting unit (BDV), from 0 to 100% low flammability level


Advantages of GSM-05 as a set with BDV:

- Increased operation life of detecting element
- Extended interval between maintenance works
- Accessible terminal block for cable connection

In-built display and keyboard make a special feature of GSM-05, allowing to review the current gas concentration, to check and perform site calibration.


Technical Parameters 

 Limit of permissible main absolute error, % of lower flammability level  


 Concentration metering range, % of lower flammability level

 from 0 to 100

 Explosion protection marking


 AC voltage, V

 from 187 to 242

 Temperature of the environment to be controlled, °С

 from -60 to +50

 Ambient temperature, °С

 from 0 to 50


Dimensions and Weight


  (WхHхD), mm 

  Weight, kg

 BS alarm module



 BD detecting module



 Explosion proof detecting unit BDV  




Service Software

GSMWizard software is aimed to be operated with GSM-05.

This software allows to configure BI, setup operation parameters, such as polling rate, data exchange rate, connection parameters, reading data of BI log and explaining its meaning.

BS is provided with calibration and testing functions, also data of BS log can be displayed.

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