Hopper Scales

Hopper scales manufactured by SME Tomsk Electronic Company are aimed for static weighing of bulk and liquid materials within process lines. Hopper scales are registered in the State Register of Measuring Tools and allowed for use in the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan.

Hopper scales are aimed for weighing of bulk and liquid materials combined with control systems KV-03 or SD-03 and used for charge feeding lines in order to meter materials and setup continuous batchers. Hopper scales are automatically calibrated by a load cell.

Configuration of hopper scales is highly reliable - only quality components and the most advanced control system are used for them.


Physical and Mechanical Properties of Materials

 Bulk weight, t/m3

from 0.1 to 6.0

 Grain size, mm

from 0.1 to 300

 Temperature of materials, °С, not more 


 Humidity, %, not more



Technical Parameters

 Maximum weighing limit (NPV), t

1.0; 2.0; 3.0; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0; 8.0; 10.0; 20.0

 Minimum weighing limit (MPV)


 Bin volume, m3

from 0.5

 Accuracy class as per GOST 29329-92


 Permissible error:

-  by primary calibration, kg

± е

- by operation and after repair, kg:

- up to 5 tons inclusive

± е

- more than 5 to 20 tons inclusive

± 2е

 Number of calibration units ne

1000; 3000

 Value of calibration unit e, kg


 Readability dd, kg


 Discharge unit

one sector, two sector, gate
butterfly gate, flap,
(for liquid materials)

 Actuating devices control

 electric mechanical, pneumatic


Ambient class as per GOST 15150-69 

 Hopper scales

UHL3,  -30...+40 °С  

 KV-03 Control System   

UHL1, -40...+50 °С