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Load Cell

Load cell is used for simulation and metering of force, it consists of SZM load cell module and control system based on KV-03.

SZM is registered in the State Register of Measuring Tools and allowed for use in the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan.

SZM electromechanical load cell module

Technical Parameters

 Maximum limit of force simulation, kN (t)

50 (5.0)
100 (10.0)
200 (20.0)
300 (30.0)

 Limit of permissible conventional error of force simulation and measurement, out of maximum limit of simulated force, %


 Designed with strain sensor to measure force

strain / compression

 Number of calibration units of strain sensor,ne



Ambient class as per GOST 15150-69

 Load module

 UHL3,  -30...+40 °С

 KV-03 Control System

 UHL1,  -40...+50 °С



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