Control Devices for Metering and Batching Equipment


SME Tomsk Electronic Company supplies serial control devices, being a part of the equipment for batching, weighing and flow metering.

Metering and batching equipment is used in metallurgical, mining, chemical, power, construction and food industry, agriculture and many other fields.

Control devices for metering and batching equipment are aimed for parameter setup, recording, monitoring and batching of materials with the required accuracy and range of operation parameters (capacity, volume of metered batches etc).

SD-01 Control System

SD-01 control system within a continuous belt batcher is aimed at providing volumemetric and gravimetric batching of continuous flow of bulk materials as per setup metrological parameters.

Operation Features

  • Metering materials at the dumping section of batching conveyor
  • Metering irregular distribution of the belt linear density
  • Adjustment of material weighing when the length of belt changes
  • Manual and automatic correction of discharge as per humidity and content of the materials
  • Material batching as a continuous flow and as preset batch

SD-02 Control System

SD-02 control system within a continuous weighing batcher  is aimed at providing volumemetric and gravimetric batching of bulk and fluid materials as per setup metrological parameters.

Operation Features


SD-03 Control System

SD-03 control system within discontinuous weighing hopper is aimed for weighing specified batches of bulk and fluid materials as per certain metrological parameters.

Operation Features


KV-03 Weighing Controller

KV-03 Weighing controller is aimed for continuous / discontinuous batching and static / dynamic weighing within conveyor, truck, railroad, platform and hopper scales.

Operation Features

  • Flexible adaptation of KV-03 hardware to weighing equipment
  • Generating highly stable alternating stress for each strain metering channel
  • Signal smoothing (filtration)  of each strain metering channel within ranges to be setup
  • Operation visualization on the built-in web page
  • Calibration through Internet or in-built terminal
  • Integration with RFID noncontact marking system for registration of loads movement

BV-02 Weighing Module

BV-02 weighing module is aimed for discontinuous batching and static weighing within truck, railroad and platform scales.

Operation Features

  • Generating highly stable alternating supply voltage for two metering channel, each of them can include from 1 to 4 strain sensors
  • Signal smoothing (filtration)  of each channel within ranges to be setup
  • Setting up function of digital inputs/outputs (zero, tare, weighing, operation, weight change)
  • Selecting active input/output levels
  • Displaying state and operation of CAN,  RS-232 interfaces and state of discrete outputs

TenzoTEK-03 Metering Converter

TenzoTEK-03 metering converter is aimed for static weighing within truck, railway, platform, hopper scales as well as batching for various companies: metallurgy, mining, fuel and power, chemical etc. as a part of automated control systems (PCS) within flow metering systems.

Operation Features

  • Indicating zero weighing on 6-digit seven segment display
  • Indicating gross weight, net weight and tare
  • Zero weight alignment
  • Expanded temperature ranges
  • Storing and displaying outcomes of several weighing sessions
  • Monitoring the sensor regarding of power loss / short circuit, overcurrent of one parallel connected sensor (number of sensors is setup by the operator)

SDU Universal Batching Control System

SDU Universal Batching System is aimed to ensure continuous dosing of bulk materials or dosing with specified metrological characteristics being a part of continuous belt or hopper batcher.