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Control Devices for Metering and Batching Equipment

SD-03 Control System

SD-03 control system within discontinuous weighing hopper is aimed for weighing specified batches of bulk and fluid materials as per certain metrological parameters.

Operation Features

Basic Features of SD-03 Control System within Discontinuous Weighing Hopper

 Accuracy class as per GOST 10223

 0.5; 1 

 Supply voltage of monophase alternate current with frequency 50±0.5 , V  

 from 187 to 242

 Power demand, W, not more


 Ambient temperature, ºС

from +5 to +40

 Dust-proof-and-moisture-proof class (as requested)

 IP54 (IP65) 

SD-03 performs the following functions as per in-built algorithm:

  • Processing input signals from strain sensors and generating control signals for feeder actuator, hopper vibrating device and gate
  • Loading weighing hopper in an automatic mode upon the instruction from data exchange bus till achieving preset dose and generating the signal on the dosage
  • Loading weighing hopper in an automatic mode upon the instruction from data exchange bus and generating the signal on the dosage completion
  • Charging and discharging of weigh hopper in manual mode by pressing buttons CHARGE, DISCHARGE, keys and indicator BZP-08
  • Connection with local PCS through RS-485, CAN 2/0 A/B interfaces (Modbus RTU exchange protocol)
  • Transferring following data to computer: current process data, their upper and lower limits, state of alarm and shutdown, trip points and ultimate limits of process parameters
  • Nonvolatile keeping of the date and time
  • Restoring data when the power is back after emergency cut off
  • Control from one to eight discontinuous weighing batchers


Upon Customer's requirement SD-03 could be located to cabinet or panel. Control and display devices are located at the front panel showing the control of BZP-08 batcher.

Operation Features


Acceptable value




Features Provided Being a Part of Discontinuous Weigh Hopper

 Maximum performance depending on batcher design, t




 Minimum performance out of NPP, %




Climatic Variables 

 Air pressure, kPa




 Relative humidity, %




Parameters of Digital Inputs 

 Low-level voltage, V




         - logical one level, V




 Duration of input signal, ms




Parameters of Digital Outputs 

 Switching voltage, V




 Load current, A




Parameters of Analogue Strain Metering Channel 

 Load resistance (from 1 to 4 sensors connected in parallel), Ohm 




 Output voltage for sensor feeding, V




Parameters of Output Analogue Signal 


 Output amperage, mA




Operation Chart for Discontinuous Weigh Batcher

where P - value of weight in hopper, t

Components of SD-03 Control System

SD-03 Schematic Block Diagram

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