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SME Tomsk Electronic Company offers automated systems for traffic control and production records (ASDU) based on the satellite positioning. The supply includes all necessary operations for the system commissioning.

More Detail

Supplied Systems

Recording system for process equipment operation and traffic control for mining operation open pits (quarry, mines), producing coal (ore, mines) thorough open cast mining.

System Components       Functions      Equipment
горное производство

Recording system for carrying equipment and traffic control of railroad and motor transport subdivisions of metallurgical, chemical and other branches of industry.

System Components       Functions      Equipment
Транспортные подразделения предприятий

Purpose of the System Development

  • Production transparency and prime costs reduction
  • Generating an effective tool for real-time production management
  • Reliability enhancement of recording operations due to the reduction of human factor
  • Enhancement of technological discipline and labour efficiency

Introduction Efficiency

  • Reduction of prime cost by 5%
  • Increase of transportation scope by 20%
  • Reduction of fuel loss by 10%
  • Increase of mechanical availability of the equipment by 20%


Sample report of the dump truck operation before and after the introduction of the system.

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