SME Tomsk Electronic Company Ltd. is one of the major machine-building plants in the Siberian region.

Mass producer and equipment supplier status enables following flexible price policy and reducing delivery time for high-quality products.

Full-profile electronic and mechanical production covers a full cycle of a machine-building plant.

Mass products list meets all up-to-date consumer requirements and offers a wide range of equipment:

All products have been certified and have all necessary permits of use.

Support, commissioning, startup, service maintenance, after-sales service for the supplied products enhance links with consumers.

Electric Drives

Packaged Electrics

 Bench Testers
MicroTEC Computing Units GSM Gas Detectors Weight Metering and
Batching Equipment
Equipment of continuous handling lines (feeders, conveyors, valves, nonstandard equipment) Control cabinet of batching tank

Integrated Systems for Metering and Recording, Packaged Equipment  Robotic Complexes and Process Lines Control Devices for Metering and Batching Equipment Communication Units   Accessories for Electric Equipment